UNDAF Final Evaluation


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UNDAF Final Evaluation

January 5, 2019

The present evaluation assesses general results and achievements of the UNDAF 2013-2016 for Belize.
The exercise is aimed, among others, at generating lessons for informing UN’s continued support to Belize, and at presenting forward-looking recommendations to shape the design of the next phase of
the programme. Relevance. The UNDAF has demonstrated a deep understanding of the development challenges by engaging in interventions that are timely in addressing pressing gaps that are also aligned with the
national priorities. This is corroborated in all the independent project evaluations undertaken over the reporting period. UN’s intensive consultative approach in formulation of projects and programs as
well as its provision of technical assistance has shown to be responsive and appropriate to its partners in both government and civil society. UN staff has a very intimate knowledge of the development context, as well as of the people. This has helped in establishing a good rapport between implementing partners and the office.  
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