UNDP, GAM Open Asilah Bazaar to Support Productive Women

May 1, 2023

Opening Ceremony for Asilah Bazaar

UNDP Jordan

Amman, Jordan, April 26, 2023 - The United Nations Development Program UNDP opened the Asilah Bazaar in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality at Ras Al Ain Gallery. In the presence GAM City Manager Engineer Ahmed Al-Malkawi on behalf of the Mayor of Amman and UNDP Resident representative Randa Aboul-Hosn.  Th Bazaar if for supporting women running small businesses from all governorates across Jordan participate in the one-day bazaar. The Asilah Bazaar aims to support women entrepreneurs and small and green projects.

The bazaar offers an opportunity for women to display and promote their products to the public, interact with people and market their products on a larger scale. In the bazaar a variety of products made by women, including handicrafts, woven crafts, wooden artifacts, mosaics, hand embroidery, e-solutions, and food products are displayed. The Asilah Bazaar promotes women's participation in the area of entrepreneurship and supports small businesses run by women so as to ensure their success and sustainability.

The GAM City Manager Engineer Ahmed Al-Malkawi confirmed that the bazaar is one of the leading initiatives of the partnership between GAM and UNDP that is aimed at supporting and offering everything available to help the youth to start and develop small and medium businesses in the future. The bazaar is an outcome of existing initiatives between the two sides, including the Heart of Amman which aims to stimulate the establishment of startups and medium enterprises.

UNDP acknowledges the role of women in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and contributing to economic growth focusing it is efforts on empowering women to contribute to change in their communities, said UNDP Resident Representative Randa Aboul-Hosn. The Asilah Bazaar reflects UNDP commitment to support and empower women in all areas, including entrepreneurship. The bazaar is aimed to enhance the role of women in community and encourage women to capitalise on the available opportunities in the area of entrepreneurship, Aboul-Hosn added.

This bazaar is organized in cooperation with the GAM which is keen to support women in the area of entrepreneurship and enable them to engage in the local economy. GAM participates in this bazaar so as to enhance the role of women in community and encourage them to seize the available entrepreneurship opportunities.