UNDP and concerned national institutions set the foundation for the Post-graduate Local Administration & Elections Policies Nexus

July 25, 2021

09 Jul 2021 - Amman, Jordan – UNDP, Ministry of Interior and the Independent Election Commission convened to discuss potential networking opportunities between the Local Administration Master’s degree program and the Electoral Policies High Diploma program. Through this nexus, potential coordination opportunities between both programs were discussed. His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Qatatsheh, Dean of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II College of International Studies, Coordinator of the Diploma in Electoral Policies Program, and Dr. Abdul Hakim Akhu Rsheida, Head of the Department of Public Administration - Business  College at University of Jordan, Coordinator of the Master’s Program in Administration and Local Development presented a summary of the objectives and teaching modules  included in each of the two programmes.

To ensure integrity, transparency and participatory decision-making concepts are integrated into the newly founded nexus, representatives of the Ministry of Local Administration and the Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission participated also to discuss and brainstorm on support areas and networking pathways.

The workshop opened the way for discussions on potential partnerships and related interventions between the Ministry of Local Administration Training Institute, the Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission Training and Innovation Centre and  the Independent Election Commission Election Electoral Training Institute .

The workshop also identified opportunities for cooperation and coordination with the Norwegian Embassy funded project “Network of Local Governments“ through its recently launched Community of Practice (CoP).  The CoP is a network of high-caliber professional experts  providing high level  technical support to inform policy and decision making. As well, an agreement was reached with the Ministry of Interior to manage the Network of Local Governments’ 10 Post-Graduate Research Grants and the 12 Scholarships, in cooperation with the University of Jordan.

The UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Ms. Majida Alassaf, highlighted UNDP’s support to good governance and decentralization through its EU funded programme on decentralization, transparency and accountability at the local level, highlighting  the “Tanmiah Tool” as an evidence-based  local development tool that  support policy and decision-making.

H. E. Asem Tarawneh, Secretary General of Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination at the local level and interlinking opportunities with academic institutions as channels to advocate and exchange best practices pertaining to anti-corruption, integrity, and accountability. As well, H.E. asserted JIACC’s full support in areas related to enhancing integrity, accountability and anti-corruption on the national and local levels.

H. E. Faisal Al Shboul, Deputy Chairman of the Independent Election Commission, added:  “The workshop organized by UNDP was an opportunity to share with partners updates on the newly established Higher Diploma in Electoral Policies and the partnership with  the University of Jordan”. He further added “the Program is in its final formalization stages, expecting to be granted the accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education in the coming two weeks.” Moreover, H.E. confirmed that the workshop was an opportunity “to discuss possibilities for curriculum exchange in the fields of local administration, governance and anti-corruption and an  opportunity to enhance cooperation and coordination efforts between UNDP and national partners, including Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Local Administration; Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission ; Independent Election Commission and the University of Jordan.”

In his turn, H. E. Mohammad Sarhan, Director of Local Development Department  at the Ministry of Interior,  stated: “We  welcome all national efforts that would support networking  among all the programs implemented by the United Nations Development Program to serve the public interest and support Jordan’s development efforts, including decentralization, local administration and development, accountability and integrity at the local level.” It is noteworthy to mention that the Ministry of  Interior hosts the (Decentralization, Accountability and  Integrity at  Local Level ) Program.

Tawfiq Kawatra, Head of Local Development at Ministry of Local Administration, stressed the importance of this event as an opportunity to support local administration and municipalities.

Participants agreed on a set of recommendations and procedural steps that pave the way forward, including coordination opportunities between the Master’s and Higher Diploma programmes, and networking opportunities between existing entities in areas related to capacity building, exchange of experiences and best practices as well as identification of thematic areas and technical expertise to support the newly established  Network of Local Governments Community of Practice.