With support of Government of Sweden, Kenya Ministry of Environment, UNDP Inaugurated Stockholm+50 First National Consultation Workshop

March 29, 2022


During the Stockholm +50 consultations inauguration


Amma, Jordan, 28 March 2022, The Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Development Programme inaugurated the First National Consultation Workshop of the Stockholm +50 Conference in presence of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Environment, Dr. Mohammad Al-Khashasnah, Ambassador of Sweden to Amman Alexandra Rydmark, UNDP Resident Representative in Jordan Randa Aboul-Hosn and a number of environment and climate change experts in Jordan.

The series of national workshops bring various public and private institutions and civil society organisations together in order to put recommendations for national and sectoral priorities that promote the concepts related to climate change and sustainable solutions based on environmental solutions at the Conference that will take place early June in Stockholm to commorate the 50th anniversary of the UN Conference on Human Environment. In the Conference four plenary meetings are organised to build a common global vision aimed at making the planet healthy and prosperous, recovering after COVID-19 pandemic, and finding ways to accelerate the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

SG of the Ministry of Environment Al-Khashshneh said Jordan has taken many steps and had success stories at the institutional, legal and technical levels since the first Stockholm Conference in 1972, by promoting integration between the public and private sectors, civil society organisations, partners including international organisations and donors so as to protect the environment. He added that Jordan has signed most of the multilateral environmental agreements and is such as Rotterdam, Basel, the Biodiversity, the Paris Agreement and others. This conference is an opportunity that must be seized to promote the national priorities that contribute to protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development, he emphasized.

“Environment and climate change are two of the Swedish government and the Sweden Embassy in Jordan top priorities. I believe that Stockholm+50 will accelerate & create the conditions for the implementation of the United Nations Decade of Action to deliver the sustanblie development goals”, said Ambassdor of Sweden Rydmark.

In the first workshop a presentation was delivered on the Conference. Jordan’s position within the main themes of the conference was identified then in working groups participants discussed outcomes of consultations.

“Stockholm +50 is not a form for negotiation, but it acts as a catalyst for actions towards a healthy planet and prosperity for all. Its success will be measured by achieving collective actions, partnerships, nature-based solutions initiatives that might follow as results of ideas, discussions and dialogue during the international meeting with focus on engaging women, youth and vulnerable groups”, said UNDP RR Aboul-Hosn.