In Amman, a Tucked-Away Building Where Zero Emission Future is Possible

September 8, 2021

05 Sep 2021, Jordan – Built in one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods at the city center, the building allows generations to observe a journey where sustainability is taking a new shape, amid calls for scaling green energy investment and urban revitalisation – The Social Entrepreneurship Centre has been inaugurated as a space for entrepreneurs to acquire new skills and reimagine the future of the economic growth and sustainability.

The Heart of Amman, a United Nations Development Programme flagship initiative to boost economic growth and recovery has launched Jordan’s first Social Entrepreneurship Centre to support and enhance the development of a conducive social entrepreneurship framework and eco-system, whilst providing technical advisory and financial support to a selected cohort of innovative social entrepreneurs.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mr. Yousef Shawarbeh, the Mayor of the City of Amman, Mr. Ahmad Al Hanandeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, and Ms. Khalida Bouzar, Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP Regional Director, Bureau of Arab States at UNDP, among other diplomats and entrepreneurs.

The Centre will also promote a vibrant social entrepreneurship culture and eco-system support structures by creating linkages between local entrepreneurial initiatives, civil society and eco-system stakeholders.

Shifting Gears

The building is forging a new model for businesses and governments, taking a major stride towards zero carbon emission, where both energy and water efficiency are in compliance with Jordanian Energy codes.

Ms. Bouzar in the opening ceremony thanked the Governments of Jordan, Japan and Italy for the strong partnership and alignment to support the development aspirations of the people of Jordan. She emphasized  that capacity building for sub-national authorities is key to strengthen the Amman’s socio-economic and climate resilience.    

Mr Shawarbeh added, “I am pleased and honored to inaugurate the Heart of Amman Center, which will be key pillar in supporting and promoting entrepreneurship culture among young people and the society as well as achieving comprehensive economic development and promoting innovation and creativity.”

In a press statement, Sara Ferrer Olivella, UNDP Resident Representative of Jordan, acknowledged the strong commitment by the City of Amman to link economic growth and recovery from the pandemic with the zero-emission journey and addressing climate change.  

“When you think about it, we can no longer support a promising generation of entrepreneurs aspiring to change while maintaining the ‘business as usual’ approach. Time is now to create an environment where entrepreneurs are surrounded by green choices. This is the only way to embrace living in harmony with nature”, she said.

The Social Entrepreneurship Centre, she added is a continuation of the journey UNDP started with national and international partners to “create an inclusive and decent self-employment pathways, with a particular focus on fostering an enabling environment for businesses and investors in Jordan”