In depth

UNDP supports Jordan to achieve sustainable development that leads to transformational change, bringing about real improvements in people’s lives. Under its Environment, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Reduction Pillar, in line with national priorities, and Agenda 2030; UNDP helps its partners to build their capacity to integrate environmental considerations into development plans and strategies, establish effective partnerships, secure resources, implement programmes to support sustainable development pathways and build capacity to better manage the environment. Recognizing that addressing critical issues such as climate change and degradation of natural resources is a key element to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development, the Pillar works towards achieving and maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental management and conservation.

The Pillar continues to expand, with contributions in areas of biodiversity, desertification, climate change, energy efficiency, hazardous waste and water management, inter alia. The Pillar also runs a number of ongoing projects that provide support to the signatory role of the government of Jordan in delivering and reporting upon many global level environmental conventions that the government has signed.