In depth

Sustaining Peace and Human Security

To achieve enhanced inclusion of citizens and reinforce social cohesion in line with SDG 16, UNDP continues to build upon its trusted leadership role in developing effective mechanisms for sustaining peace and human security at national and community levels, and for fostering trust between citizens and state institutions. In collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF, UNODC, UN Women, and UNFPA, UNDP supports national partners, including ministerial committees, inter-agency task forces and community based organisations, in defining and scaling up strategic policy on social cohesion, including opportunities for enhanced access to justice and frameworks for legal aid and community policing. 

Inclusive Participation

To promote inclusive participation in responsive and representative decision-making at all levels in line with SDG16, UNDP works with Parliament and elected sub-national bodies in enhancing democratic oversight and improving legislation relevant to the achievement of SDGs and in facilitating opportunities for standing committees to consult with citizens, especially youth, with a specific focus on promoting South-South and Triangular cooperation. UNDP also engages with relevant electoral bodies and civil society to support efforts to improve citizens’ participation in the legislative elections expected in 2020 and local elections in 2021.

Resilience and Inclusion

Also in line with SDG16, UNDP works to address resilience and inclusion through efforts to contribute to building effective, accountable and transparent governance institutions at all levels. Specifically, this includes work in partnership with the Ministries of Interior and Municipal Affairs to build the effectiveness of decentralised systems and institutions in identifying and responding to the needs and priorities of citizens, especially women and youth, at the local level in collaboration with the World Bank, the European Union and USAID. Similar engagement with the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission and other actors promotes measures to reduce corruption and to mainstream institutional integrity, transparency and accountability mechanisms.