“Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2023” Final Pitch Contest

19:00 – 21:30 Tuesday 21 November 2023

Event Details

21 11月 2023


Online (Zoom)


Co-led by UNDP and the Citi Foundation, Youth Co:Lab aims to empower and invest in youth so that they can accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through leadership, social innovation and entrepreneurship.   

The “Social Innovation Challenge Japan” is a business idea contest during which selected teams will pitch and showcase their SDG-focused business models and ideas to a panel of judges and participants.  

Reaffirming the importance of the innovation ecosystem, this year’s Challenge, under the theme of “Youth-led Innovation: Acceleration and Nurturing”, the contest will shed a spotlight on the bright visions of young people, looking to 2030 and beyond.  

What idea will win the prize this year? Please join us and listen to the applicants' passionate ideas! 

Date and Time: 19:00 – 21:30 Tuesday 21 November 2023 


  • 19:00 - Opening remarks  
  • 19:10 – Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2023 
    8 individuals/teams who previously passed the paper and video pitch screening will present their solutions. Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A with the judges. 
  • 20:40 - Q&A (Finalists-Audience)
  • 21:10 - Award Ceremony 
  • 21:25 - Closing remarks | Ms. Cynthia Cheung, Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Coordinator, Governance and Peacebuilding Team, Bangkok Regional Hub 

Fees: Free  

Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation available), Japanese, and Japanese sign language 

Registration: Please register from here 




ChatGPT-based high-quality AI medical consultation system to overcome the shortage of healthcare providers and reduce global healthcare disparities 

Ken Tanaka, DelphiMed 

We aim to improve access to healthcare and reduce healthcare disparities around the world by developing high-quality AI medical consultation systems available to everyone. We aim to solve the overwhelming shortage of healthcare providers in developing countries with AI technology. 




Erin Shiraishi 

ProMaman is a social network to empower women and mothers in Japan and worldwide. We support women from any culture and background by providing dedicated online space and tools to discuss various topics, connect with each other, find and easily contact needed professionals, access trusted information, and more. ProMaman combines excellent technical features with the support and expertise from organizations, governments and companies to provide the best platform for women anywhere in the world. 


Glabel Japan

Glabel Japan 

Rihito Kotani 

Vegetarians and vegans visiting Japan want to enjoy the attractive food culture, but there is a challenge because they cannot understand the ingredient labeling and thus cannot buy food products. Therefore, we provide the Glabel Japan Application that can accompany them on their travels in Japan 



Establishment of a sustainable marine plastic collection system using Marine Plastic MAP 

Yuki Egawa 

Establish a sustainable marine plastic collection system by utilizing the Marine Plastic MAP platform to solve marine plastic pollution. 



KōhiiQuest : Japanese Coffee, a Cup to Freshen Your Everyday  

Aya Nagai  

Our mission is to establish a strong foundation for the domestic production of specialty coffee in Japan by facilitating connections between smallholder farmers passionate about coffee cultivation and coffee-loving investors. We also empower farmers through the provision of initial capital, essential training for coffee production, and an additional stream of stable income 



HIM: Hydrogen Generation Project by Termites ~ Termites and Microorganisms Save Japan~  

Hidemasa Takahashi 

We propose a business that uses termites to produce carbon-neutral hydrogen, addressing the high cost of the current environmentally friendly hydrogen production methods. By using unused forest residues as feed, we enhance energy self-sufficiency and promote a sustainable energy supply, offering an innovative business model with both environmental and economic benefits. 



Sylvernia: Providing Caregiver Support and Bringing Surprises and Hope to Careers  

Moe Kaneko, Omohibito Co., Ltd 

A comprehensive platform that connects caregivers and provides caregiving information, which includes web applications offering  carers’ consultations, interactive shops, and web media for disseminating caregiving information



A native chicken restaurant that solves the poverty problem of Filipino farmers  


In order to increase the income of farmers in the Philippines, we operate a poultry farming business and a fried chicken restaurant. We aim to turn the model we are currently creating into a social business brand that everyone in the Philippines knows.