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National Partners

Governments in the countries where we work have the ultimate responsibility to lead the transformation process towards sustainable food production. In many cases their national economy is at stake, particularly in countries highly dependent on commodity exports.

The Green Commodities Programme helps governments to step up their engagement with increasingly dynamic private sector and civil society groups and to lead a variety of dialogues and multi stakeholder processes, including the National Commodity Platforms.

We support them to produce bold policies based on research, analysis and agreement on best national farming practices.

While all relevant government institutions are involved in key decision making processes, in each country and, depending on the commodity, we work with the focal Ministries:


  • In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment and Energy are leading the National Platform for the Responsible Production and Trade of Pineapple.
  • In Paraguay, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the National Forestry Institute and the Secretariat of Environment jointly lead the National and Alto Paraná department Soy and Beef Platforms.
  • In Indonesia, the Ministry of Agriculture leads the Palm Oil Platform.
  • In Peru, we are working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the Ministry of Environment to develop a framework for sustainable palm oil production; and also to set up a National Coffee Platform.