Decent Jobs and Sustainable Livelihood in Ghana: Policy Brief

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Decent Jobs and Sustainable Livelihood in Ghana: Policy Brief

January 17, 2022

This policy brief notes that: (i) the challenge of decent jobs in Ghana is not just the lack of jobs, but also the absence of a living wage; and (ii) there is a need to improve the productivity of the low-skilled informal sector.

In addition, it draws attention to farm and non-farm self-employed persons who mainly operate in the informal sector, and do not benefit from the minimum wage policy like wage employees in the public sector. This situation has created the “working poor” in Ghana, due to the preponderance of non-living wage jobs in the economy.

Lastly, this brief, notes that existing social protection measures in Ghana are insufficient to alleviate poverty among workers and their households in the informal sector.

The brief therefore recommends the strengthening of those institutions tasked with the delivery of decent work outcomes in the country.

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