Did you know that UNDP Gabon is a Gender Champion?

8 mars 2024

Achieving 50/50 Gender Parity 

Gender equality stands as a cornerstone of social development. It lies at the heart of eradicating poverty, diversifying economies, and ensuring the inclusion of every societal actor for a collective positive change. At the UNDP Country Office in Gabon, the significance of this equality is underscored by reaching a 50/50 gender parity. Indeed, women make up 50% of our team— a fact that leaves us optimistic about a systematically inclusive approach in the development of policies and programs implemented by UNDP in Gabon. 

Championing Inclusive Leadership 

Ensuring socio-economic equity for women requires the elimination of disparities and facilitating their rise to leadership roles. By promoting female leadership, we acknowledge women's contributions to building a prosperous and sustainable future. At UNDP Gabon, our department heads are led by three competent African women leaders from Senegal (Rokhaya Tall, Principal Economist), Gabon (Yvonne Pambo, Assistant Resident Representative / Program), and Madagascar (Mirana Rahiravola, Operations Manager), who guide their teams daily with cohesive work towards achieving sustainable development goals in Gabon. 

Education, a Pillar for Success 

Kofi Annan once said, "There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls." Investing in the education of girls and women provides them with the resources and means to be self-sufficient and generate income. It is an investment in the global economy that actively combats poverty, hunger, and reduces inequalities across communities and cultures. With 4 women holding PhDs in STEM and 11 women with master's degrees, it is evident that UNDP Gabon values advanced education and women's technical skills. This focus on academic excellence not only strengthens individual capacities but also helps build competent teams to effectively guide our field interventions. 

Relentless Investment for Gender Equality 

On this International Women's Rights Day, it is key to emphasize the urgency of working towards a more equitable world to achieve a common ideal: a fairer society. By highlighting the "Champion" character of our country office, we underline the importance of this holistic investment—technical, financial, and political—started internally more than four years ago. Every day, we actively commit to creating an environment where women hold a central position in our community, paving the way for a more equitable Gabon and Africa where their personal and professional development is not only encouraged but ensured. We hope to underscore this dedication by working toward a new milestone: obtaining the "Gender Seal," which will officially recognize our unwavering commitment to female empowerment.