UNDP Eswatini supports preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 of His Majesty’s Correctional Services

May 8, 2020

L -R: UNICEF Res. Rep. Alice Akunga, Commissioner General Make Phindile His Majesty’s Correctional Services and UNDP Res. Rep. Rose Ssebatindira

Mbabane, May 4, 2020As part of support to the national response to contain the impact of COVID-19, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Eswatini working together with UNICEF has procured hygiene and sanitary supplies to the value of E362,762.20 for the Correctional Services Department. The supplies are a measure to reduce risk and vulnerability among the prison population and as part of the correctional services strategy for preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19.  

Handing over the supplies to Correctional Services, UNDP Resident Representative, Rose Ssebatindira underscored UNDP’s commitment and readiness to assist Government’s national COVID-19 response as outlined in the National Response Plan and the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan. “UNDP’s support will also help ensure that the responses of individual countries are not just comprehensive, but equitable and inclusive so that no one is left out and so that countries can continue to make progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.”, she stated.  

The sanitary supplies procured include, boxes of sunlight soap, hand sanitizers, litre buckets with taps and knapsack sprays.  As part of these supplies UNDP also provided airtime to the Corrections Services to be utilized by over 4000 inmates to maintain communication with their families at this time while visitation is restricted.

“During such emergencies it is often easy to focus on the entire population and leave behind some vulnerable groups particularly, those in conflict with the law and those responsible for their care. As the UN, it is our responsibility to assist the Government to ensure that no one is left behind and the rights of all are protected during this difficult period.” she emphasized.

UNDP is also supporting the dissemination of the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on COVID-19 response and will continue collaborating with the department to ensure that the standards are met and maintained.

Under the global UNDP Integrated Approach there are three key elements to prepare, respond and recover to help countries prepare for and protect people from the pandemic and its impacts, respond during the outbreak, and recover from the economic and social impacts in the months to come. UNDP Eswatini’s support to the national response to contain the impact of COVID-19 is structured around three key pillars. These are health systems support; inclusive and integrated crisis management response and addressing socio-economic impact.


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