CSOs invited to apply for the monitoring and evaluation of small grants projects in Eswatini

May 8, 2024

UNDP Eswatini is looking for a civil society organization (CSO), including research institutions, proficient in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to offer support in M&E.  The CSO, which should be based in Eswatini, will assess 15 projects within the GEF Small Grants Programme in Eswatini. This support aims to ensure projects are progressing towards their goals, meeting compliance standards, and mitigating risks to achieve desired outcomes.


The civil society organization will be expected to perform the following duties and responsibilities: 


  1. Develop a procedure for monitoring and evaluation of 15 projects up to December 2025. This must include a field visit schedule that reflects that the monitoring will be conducted systematically and continuously. 

  2. Conducting needs-finding to understand the range of barriers that grantees face to reach success in their endeavours.

  3. Report on emerging trends and/or obstacles relevant to the project implementation for each granted project.

  4. Establishing sufficient controls over awarded grantees to ensure that they are on track towards the achievement of objectives and results. Assess if project objectives are being reached.

  5. Document the impact of activities on beneficiaries and the feedback of beneficiaries about the activities. 

  6. Conduct joint field visits with the National Steering Committee and the National Coordinator.

  7. Conduct quality control of grantee progress reporting. Assist grantees in completing the progress narrative report and provide individualized assistance to the grantees. Each grantee will submit 3 narrative reports during the project. 

  8. Report on the monitoring activities for each grantee visited, monthly. Attend monthly virtual meetings with the National Coordinator. 

  9. Inform the National Coordinator of issues observed during field visits and proposed corrective measures. 

  10. Attend the National Steering Committee meeting to present on progress on the ground, if invited by the Steering Committee. 

  11. Conduct quality monitoring against the project timeframe and GEF SGP Project Indicators provided in Annex A of the grantees' project proposal.

  12. Conducting data collection and storage in a responsible manner and with due sensitivity and care.

  13. Design and conduct performance evaluations.

  14. Recommend changes needed for greater impact of granted projects.


  1. Assess the impact of the project on the local community, the environmental and the livelihoods of direct beneficiaries. 

  2. Document the beneficiaries’ assessment of the positive impact in their individual lives as a result of participation in the project.

  3. Assess beneficiaries’ expression of continued interest in the project after participation in the implementation. 

  4. Achievements of each granted project concerning the set project milestones and at the end of the project

Conclusions/results documented through monitoring and evaluation.

For more information, download the Terms of Reference (TORs)

Submit applications to bidsubmission.sz@undp.org  by 21 May 2024.

For more information, contact Ms. Simphiwe Dlamini, GEF Small Grants Programme, Eswatini, at simphiwe.dlamini@undp.org