Sweden: A Partner for Peace


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Sweden: A Partner for Peace

8 de Marzo de 2017

Sweden has been an important ally of Colombia for more than a decade, supporting institutional and civil society efforts of millions of Colombians who, from their paths, communities and municipalities, have been developing territorial
efforts to build peace. These efforts have been oriented towards defending fundamental rights, creating networks and associations, generating processes to promote citizenship, processes of sustainable development and proposing smallscale peace models that have tried to generate the minimum conditions for peace. In this cooperation effort, UNDP has been involved as Sweden’s partner to implement its plans, proposals and priorities throughout the country and has built a strong and efficient relationship that has generated conditions for dialogue and hope in the context of a recently signed Peace Agreement. This historical relationship began in 2003 and is still very strong today. In particular, Sweden has supported the development of programs such as ART - Redes (2006 - 2014), Territorial Alliances for Peace (2015 – 2017,) Transitional Justice Fund (2009 - 2016), Transitional Solutions Initiative- TSI (2012 - 2016) and “Sustainable Peace – Strengthening local capacities to promote peaceful and inclusive communities” (2017 - 2018) among other actions. ver documento completo