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DREI Cambodia Full Report (English) (Jun 2019) (FINAL)

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DREI Cambodia

September 27, 2022

Cambodia has strong potential for solar energy, in fact some of the most robust levels of solar irradiation that can provide the country an opportunity to meet growing electricity demands in an economical, innovative and sustainable way. The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) seeks to best realize this potential and operationalize the goals set out by the Rectangular Strategy Phase IV (RS4), which guides the National Strategic Development Plan. The RS4 emphasizes increased investments in clean and renewable energy, especially solar power, to limit generation from unclean sources, lower-carbon emissions and ensure long-term energy security for Cambodia. 

Cambodia’s Derisking Renewable Energy Investment (DREI) focuses on solar energy across four sub-sectors; utility scale solar, rooftop PV solar, solar battery mini-grids and solar home systems. The report has sought to adapt innovative solar power policies and financing solutions to the national context and craft a fully localised set of – cost-effective derisking measures – which serve as an input to national and sectoral energy development planning processes and help shape the forthcoming update to the Power Development Plan. 

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