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Energy Governance

Energy is the most essential ingredient for social and economic activities and a good energy governance is critical for enhancing people's quality of life. It promotes an inclusive and equitable approach to energy transition and ensures no one is left behind.

This is a new area of our governance work where we propose an integrated energy governance framework to address the complex energy challenges of the 21st century by empowering people and putting their rights at the center. The framework will lead towards developing and implementing energy solutions by enabling wider stakeholder participation, co-creating localized solutions, and taking a data driven approach for an affordable, inclusive, resilient, secure, and sustainable energy future.   

UNDP brings several decades of governance experience in strengthening the rule of law, justice, and security, strengthening capacities and capabilities of institutions, advancing anti-corruption, decentralization, human rights, gender equality, youth empowerment, managing risks in complex settings, designing participatory policy processes, and political economy analysis from a range of countries. We plan to build on this significant intersectional and interdisciplinary expertise to bridge the silos to tackle the complex energy challenges of our partner countries. As we operationalize to ensure peoples’ right on energy, the seven pillars of our work as described below will help us take a systemic approach while embracing UNDP’s core values and generating deep insights, making informed choices, and delivering more effectively.   

Our focus

Our priority is to meet the needs of the people by ensuring access to clean, affordable, secure, and sustainable energy. We do this by supporting countries to develop a governance mechanism for the energy system – from building institutional capabilities to developing innovative policies and regulations to creating effective coordination and implementation strategies. We believe this multipronged approach will lead towards providing practical instruments that can deliver to the needs of the people.

Our Energy Governance work aims to be based on our principles of effective governance:

  • Empowering people
  • Advancing gender equality
  • Creating effective, accountable, trusted, and resilient institutions
  • Prioritizing localized approaches
  • Putting human rights at front and center
  • Being prevention oriented and risk informed
  • Taking data informed and analysis driven adaptive approaches.  



Get in touch

If you would like to be part of our energy governance community of practice or would like to join our advisory group to bring a unique representation, we would be glad to hear from you. Please contact us at: energy@undp.org