The UNDP Sustainable Energy Hub at SPIREC

February 16, 2023
Event Details

20 - 23 February 2023

IFEMA Center, Madrid, Spain

IREC is the International Renewable Energy Conference, a high-level event on public policies in which representatives from all areas of society meet to discuss initiatives and experiences that promote renewable energy at the international, national and subnational levels, co-organized by a national government and REN21. With the name of SPIREC 2023, Spain celebrates IREC 2023 from February 20 to 23 in Madrid. Find the conference's full programme here.

UNDP Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Michelle Muschett will make a keynote speech at SPIREC's opening session on 20 February, starting at 9:30am CET. UNDP's Sustainable Energy Hub experts will be on-site and co-host two events to discuss how to accelerate the implementation of a just energy transition that leaves no-one behind, with a focus on highlighting the need to integrate gender equality in energy transition pathways.




Gender Equality: A critical pathway for a sustainable and inclusive energy transition

21 February 2023 | 4-5:30pm CET | Room: N114

This session will showcase the opportunities the just energy transition presents to catalyse gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, generating multiple development benefits, and the needs for such processes to develop targeted approaches to integrate women as agents of change. 

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Gloria Magombo, Secretary for Energy and Power Development, Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Zimbabwe
  • Ms. Ana Belen Sanchez, Just Transition Adviser, Minister’s Cabinet, Ministerio de Transición Justa y Reto Demográfico, Spain
  • Ms. Ifeoma Malo, Co-founder and CEO, Clean Technology Hub, Nigeria.
  • Duccio Maria Tenti – UNDP Rome Centre: Italy-UNDP Energy Partnership and Youth4Climate Initiative
  • Ms. Chioma Nnamani, Renewable Energy Project Lead Diaspora Innovation Institute/ReEnergy Africa 

  • Ms. Irene Giner-Reichl, Senior Advisor at GWNET
  • Mr. Dean Cooper, Global Energy Lead, Global Climate and Energy Practice, WWF
  • Mr. Stefano Pistolese, Energy Specialist, Sustainable Energy Hub, UNDP
  • Ms. Ana Victoria Rojas, Senior Gender and Energy Specialist, Gender Team, UNDP



UNDP Yemen CO Solar Project

Alliance for a Just Energy Transformation (AJET) – A collaborative discussion on shaping the Alliance’s strategy and its implementation

21 February 2023 | 6-7.30pm CET | Room: N105



This event will bring together organisations who have an interest to take action related to Just Energy Transition and work with others to share knowledge, build on existing activities, co-ordinate, and collaborate. It will consider the practical needs to address, and propose priority activities for the Alliance for a Just Energy Transformation, a voluntary initiative that intends to mobilize stakeholders including communities, civil society, policymakers, and the private sector to drive the successful implementation of just energy transition policies worldwide.  

Speakers include:

  • Mr. Dean Cooper, Global Energy Lead, WWF
  • Dr Piyush Verma, Senior Governance Expert - Energy, UNDP

  • Ms. Ana Rojas, Senior Gender and Energy Specialist, UNDP