COP27 | Launch of the Alliance for Just Energy Transformation

October 24, 2022
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Event Details

15 November 2022

11 - 11:45am

COP27, UNDP Pavilion

Join us to launch the Alliance for Just Energy Transformation, a voluntary initiative that catalyzes action, advance inclusive international dialogue, share best practices and identify how to ensure the global path to energy transition is socially just and equitable.  

To enable a sustainable energy transition, environmental and social outcomes must be considered in equal measure by all stakeholders to prevent the transition from leading to social inequities, loss of jobs and livelihoods, stranded assets and other undesirable impacts on economies and vulnerable communities across the world. In order to achieve this, investment must be geared towards enabling a just transition i.e. a low carbon transition that is fair and inclusive, creates decent work opportunities and leaves no-one behind. It is therefore important today for policymakers, energy providers, and financial institutions to incorporate these considerations as primary criterion by integrating social, economic and environmental impacts firmly and holistically within their existing operational frameworks.  



Our speakers


  • Dean Cooper, Global Energy Lead, WWF
  • Angela Churie Kallhauge, Executive Vice President Impact, Environmental Defence Fund
  • Bert De Wel, Head of Delegation IUTC and Trade Union Focal Point, UNFCCC 
  • Rana Adib, Executive Director REN21 (virtual)
  • Simon Hodson, CEO Gridworks (virtual)
  • Edua Dickerson VP, ESG & Finance Strategy, Service Now (pre-recorded/virtual)
  • Mike Hayes, Global Head of Decarbonization, KPMG
  • Frankie the Dino, Don't Choose Extinction, UNDP