COP27 | Increased Climate Ambition through Voluntary Cooperation Under Article 6.2

October 24, 2022
Event Details

12 November 2022


COP27, UNDP Pavilion

With UNDP's support, Switzerland, Ghana, and Vanuatu are leading the way in implementing Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement by entering voluntary cooperation for carbon markets to boost climate action. Join UNDP, Switzerland, Ghana, and Vanuatu at COP27 to launch the first-ever authorized projects under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement. 

Beyond emissions reductions, climate mitigation projects can indeed directly or indirectly yield many development benefits – including job creation, access to energy, support to livelihoods and food security, gender empowerment and more. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement acknowledges that countries can pursue voluntary cooperation in the implementation of their Nationally Determined Contributions to allow for higher mitigation ambition and to promote sustainable development.  

By entering these voluntary cooperation approaches through bilateral agreements with Ghana and Vanuatu, Switzerland will reduce its federal administration’s greenhouse gas emissions by using Internationally Transferrable Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) to accelerate the implementation of climate mitigation projects with strong development benefits in developing countries. These ITMOs will not be counted towards Switzerland’s NDC but are complementary and will be cancelled without use to any NDC.



Our speakers

  • Alexandra Soezer, Global Carbon Technical Advisor, UNDP
  • Simone Fellermeyer, Lead Negotiator, Article 6, International Climate Policy, Federal Office of the Environment, Switzerland
  • Daniel Tutu, Director, Climate Change Unit, EPA, Ghana
  • Antony Garae, Director, Department of Energy, Vanuatu
  • Mireia Vilaplana, Director, Climate Policy, Finance and Carbon Markets, South Pole
  • Erika Styger, Professor of Practice, Director of Climate-Resilient Farming System, Cornell University
  • Oleksandr Muliar, Project Manager, UNDP Ukraine