UNDP Transformation Series

The UNDP Transformation Series gathers progressive ideas and voices on achieving the 2030 Agenda through UNDP's Strategic Plan.

Learning from the clownfish and the sea anemone

In the Maldives, famous for its azure waters, UNDP and it's partners are working working hard to maintain a healthy marine ecosystem.  

Human development reimagined

UNDP's 2019 Human Development Report will provide a comprehensive picture of the many forms of inequality that are shaping the 21st century.  

Indigenous rights: the pathway to a livable planet

On International Day of Forests we recognize the critical role that indigenous peoples play in managing these vital ecosystems.  

Designing for water sustainability in one of the world's driest regions

On World Water Day we look at how UNDP is working with countries in the Arab region to create sustainable water supplies.  

What does equality have to do with the SDGs?

We must address the issues surrounding women's inequality if we are to achieve a sustainable future.  

Changing tactics in the war on drugs

UNDP backs a new approach to the war on drugs, based on human rights and evidence of what works.  

The connection between gender equality and climate change

How getting more women into work--and especially positions of leadership--can help companies prosper and move to a sustainable future.  

HIV clickbait or cure?

What does recent news of an HIV 'cure' really mean for the millions of people living with the syndrome?  

How parliaments can work with women to create peace

The understanding of the role of gender in conflict prevention and peacebuilding has grown greatly in the past 20 years.  

What can data do for climate change?

UNEA 4 begins meeting in Kenya with the goal of making our social, political, and economic systems more sustainable.  

The link between human rights and the environment

There is wider awareness that are driving ecosystems to collapse are also perpetuating some of the worst human rights abuses, including slavery.  

Inclusion can turn the tide against HIV

On Zero Discrimination Day we examine the inequalities that are holding back the fight against HIV.  

How to choose, cook and eat fish sustainably

Award-winning chef Andrew Zimmern writes about the far-reaching benefits of making sustainable choices when shopping for fish.  

Building a development programme that works: three lessons from eVIN

The Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network, or eVIN, uses technology to help health workers ensure that vaccines reach every child.  

The climate knows no boundaries

I want to share with you a memory from my childhood: it’s sometime in the 1970s, and although the adults are all worried about the energy crisis, for me the world feels in order.  

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