UNDP Transformation Series

The UNDP Transformation Series gathers progressive ideas and voices on achieving the 2030 Agenda through UNDP's Strategic Plan.

Peru embarks on a comprehensive approach to COVID-19

As cases rise, the country prepares for the wide-ranging fallout from coronavirus, particularly amongst the most vulnerable.  

Could coronavirus lead to a “positive peace”?

Designing a humanitarian response that leads to more resilient societies.  

The arts enrich lives, but are also beset with gross inequality

Exploring the idea that human development is not just economic, but can also be about expanding the richness of human lives.  

UNDP support for coronavirus-affected countries goes beyond health

The Global Humanitarian Response Plan addresses the deterioration of human rights, social cohesion, livelihoods and protecting the most vulnerable.  

Applying the hard lessons of coronavirus to the biodiversity crisis

The pace and degree of transformative change can surprise us. Powerful interests want to maintain the status quo, but a crisis challenges these dynamics.  

Preparing better, fighting back, recovering stronger

The spread of COVID-19 will undoubtedly hit Africa harder than anywhere else on Earth, with long-lasting impacts that will be nothing short of catastrophic.  

COVID-19 will change our lives and our way of working

What are the long-term effects of coronavirus and what could it mean for sustainable development?  

What Singapore can teach about an effective coronavirus response

The city state's swift response has lessons for the world.  

An opportunity to transform action on nature and climate

UNDP has teamed up with NASA to increase ways to use spatial data to protect biodiversity.  

When washing your hands is a right still pending

In times of pandemic, how do people with no water wash their hands?  

Preparing for the knock-on effects of COVID-19

As the virus spreads rapidly in Africa, a co-ordinated response is required.  

COVID-19 as a governance challenge

As cases rise in Latin America and the Caribbean, countries must prepare to adapt.  

"We are planting the oxygen you will breathe in the future."

Following decades of brutal conflict, projects have begun generating economic and social opportunities that promote peace.  

Something invisible has stopped us

It has entered our lives, our intimacy, identity, it has taken away our hugs and our greetings.  

Notes from the frontline; how one woman survived a COVID-19 scare

A UNDP intern describes what it's like to be exposed to the virus.  

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