UNDP supports the promotion of waste to be used as a resource- Bratonozic

June 8, 2021

UNDP Programme Specialist-Environment and Climate Change, Ms Chimbidzani Bratonozic

Gaborone 3rd June 2021, The Programme Specialist-Environment and Climate Change, Ms Chimbidzani Bratonozic said that the UNDP is happy to support the promotion of waste to be used as a resource rather than thrown into bins and ultimately ending up in rivers, on the streets and even in our landfills. Bratonozic said this in her remarks at the the occasion to launch the waste recovery project in the government enclave.

According to Bratonozic the launch also marked the start of responsible and sustainable waste management practices at source, in this case, “Offices of the different ministries which have pledged to fully participate in this pilot and demonstrate their willingness to support the proper management of waste”

She added that having the pilot being done at top government offices is a good indication of the level of commitment by government to separate waste, to reuse and recycle waste, to recognize that there is some kind of value in waste and ultimately, to preserve the environment.

The event was organized by The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism recently as part of the activities held to mark commemoration of World Environment Day which was held on the 5th of June 2021.

Bratonozic explained that the work of the Environment and Climate Change Portfolio is focused on supporting the Government of Botswana to realize its national priorities in environmental management focusing on managing the trade-off between income generation and environmental sustainability.  She said the trade-offs between development and environmental sustainability are becoming more evident in the form of threats to fauna and flora, air pollution and water pollution

“UNDP is supporting the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security through the Department of Energy in the implementation of the Biogas Project. This project aims to promote the production and utilization of biogas from agro-waste therefore realizing the benefits of this type of waste as a source of energy,”she added and further explained that the UNDP has also supported the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resource Conservation and Tourism in the development of an Integrated Waste Management Plan for Kasane Kazungula. This plan will assist the ministry together with the local authorities to manage better the waste generated in the area as well as reduce the amount of waste going into the Kasane Landfill.

On development of legislation in Botswana Bratonozic said that UNDP through the Biogas Project, is supporting the MENT to develop the Integrated Waste Management Bill to facilitate the implementation of the Integrated Waste Management Policy which has recently been approved at Cabinet. The bill will provide strategic direction and guidance towards sustainable waste management practices and will adopt an integrated approach for the sound management of all forms of waste media covering solid waste, wastewater and air quality.

Bratonozic encouraged other ministries, departments, companies, schools, even homes, to segregate their waste to support achievement of the goals of the project