Bangladesh Business and Human Rights Week closes with landmark dialogue to chart roadmap for responsible business conduct

From 25 February to March 2, more than 300 people joined series of trainings and a national dialogue on business and human rights in Dhaka

March 6, 2023
Panel of speakers

Bangladesh is due to transition from the Least Developed Countries (LDC) category to Lower Middle Income Country (LMIC) status in 2026. LDC graduation reflects Bangladesh’s economic strength and resilience to financial and climate shocks, and it highlights the extent of the country’s economic and social progress. However, despite this progress, Bangladesh continues to face challenges concerning business-related human rights abuses and barriers to accessing effective remedies.

Bangladesh will need to make significant efforts in the coming years to ensure a smooth transition to the post-LDC era. One of the key measures for the government to continue on a path of sustainable development would be to create an enabling environment that promotes responsible business conduct (RBC) and a clean and green economy in line with international standards and local circumstances. 

The country only stands to gain from a human rights compliant and climate-resilient approach to development, and there is a growing awareness of the role that businesses can and must play in this transition. 

At a national dialogue on responsible business conduct, organized in Dhaka on 2 March, more than 220 people joined a discussion on action to accelerate Bangladesh’s journey toward responsible and sustainable development, while keeping the needs of rights holders at the center. As part of a broader Bangladesh Business and Human Rights Week, a series of trainings was organized for government officials, civil society actors, companies and business organizations, and trade unions. More than 100 people attended the trainings.  

Bangladesh Business and Human Rights Week created a platform to examine how different actors can collaborate to mitigate adverse impacts on human rights and contribute to achieve the SDGs while graduating from LDC status. The discussions and outcomes of the events will help pave the way to develop Bangladesh’s Roadmap for Responsible Business Conduct. 

Bangladesh Business and Human Rights Week and the national dialogue was organized by UNDP and the International Labour Organization (ILO) and with support from the Government of Sweden and the European Union.