UNDP Uganda Accelerator Lab

We work on the issues of deforestation in Uganda, e-commerce to connect informal market vendors online and the empowerment of youth.



Supporting inclusive economic growth is a present and ongoing priority for us. The widespread impact of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) across key economic sectors slowed economic transformation, expansion of the industrial base, job growth and the delivery of essential social services.

By working with Jumia Food's e-commerce platform, we connected over 1,500 vendors in seven markets in the suburbs of Kampala. These are now registered and selling their assorted produce online.

Through working with the National Association for Student Entrepreneurs, we garnered over 4,000 entrepreneurial ideas through a Youth IDEAthon. Over 3,000 youths were empowered with entrepreneurial skills to minimize youth unemployment.

We work on combatting deforestation through a portfolio of experiments, and we are partnering with the National Forest Authority to establish a data visualization platform to monitor forest management and natural resource governance. In partnership with the Electricity Regulatory Authority, we are co-designing instruments to scale-up the use of electricity as an affordable alternative source of energy for cooking and heating in urban households.

Our team


Berna Mugema
Head of Experimentation


Hadijah Nabbale
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We appreciate our country partners for trusting us as we experiment together on various development solutions. These partners include: Government of Uganda, National Forestry Authority (NFA), Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Jumia Food, and National Association for Students' Entrepreneurs (NASE).











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