UNDP Turkey Accelerator Lab

Our challenge is sustainable urban development. We carry out experiments in waste, public space design, climate literacy and gender equality.



With the motivation to create more resilient and inclusive cities and communities, the UNDP Turkey Accelerator Lab adopts approaches that critically analyze the definition of "urban" as well as help identify new solutions through systems thinking, community engagement, behavioural science and other innovative methods.

In our experiments so far, we have prioritized identification of key stakeholders and factors that play important roles in how urban development occurs and evolves over time. We have piloted schemes for waste reduction, food security, crowdsourcing, community engagement, climate education for youth, women’s access to justice, and participatory public space design, among others.

We are currently exploring how best to use various urban interventions to mobilise action and transform underutilised spaces through volunteerism. Circularity is another area we will be focusing on in 2022.

The UNDP Turkey Accelerator Lab was selected as a participant in the Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge. Through the Innovation Challenge, seven UNDP Accelerator Labs are collaborating with Japanese companies to co-develop and design models to test potential solutions to address specific development challenges problems identified by the Labs.

The UNDP Accelerator Lab in Turkey, supported by the Japanese company Sotonoba, is focusing on developing a model to transform underutilized public spaces in a participatory manner.

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Our team


Gokce Tuna
Head of Exploration


Gulsah Eker
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We would like to thank our partners for their collaborative work with the UNDP Accelerator Labs. Building and strengthening alliances is the core of UNDP and the Accelerator Labs’ model. Please reach out if you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you. 



































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