UNDP Syria Accelerator Lab

We are working on identifying grassroot solutions and developing new innovative models to address sustainable development challenges.



Ever looked at a used bag of chips or an old plastic bottle as you throw it away and think… surely this has value? Well, that is the question that the UNDP Accelerator Lab in Syria asked for their first challenge. Over and above recycling waste, we wanted in its first challenge to find out all the different ways Syrian households upcycle this waste into items of higher value to deal with economic hardships. Our work is currently focused on the economification and gamification of household waste.

For the second challenge we are working on local farmers' solutions to test how they can produce and sell their own compost using local organic waste. Thus they are investing in discarded organic waste, using local resources which shorten the supply chain, and at the same time regenerating microorganisms in local soils that enhance local food production for improved food security for vulnerable communities.

In its third challenge our Lab will work on mapping the digital exclusion of Syrian society to promote digital rights and inclusion. The eventual goal is to support economic development and improve livelihoods, provide access to basic infrastructure and support the social cohesion of Syrians.

Our team


Dr. Hasan Darwish 
Head of Experimentation


Muaz Jadaa
Head of Exploration


Kenda Alzaim

Our partners

We would like to thank our partners for their collaborative work with the UNDP Accelerator Labs. Building and strengthening alliances is the core of UNDP and the Accelerator Labs’ model. Please reach out if you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you. 

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