UNDP North Macedonia Accelerator Lab

The team is working on system transformation for the public sector both on the national and local levels, exploring possibilities for public sector innovation and using unconventional methods.



The UNDP North Macedonia Accelerator Lab is working on redesigning the way we create, implement and monitor our national and local public policy documents. Moreover, we are working on embedding innovation within the public sector by creating and upgrading new institutions within the public sector, building capabilities among civil sector employees, and introducing new innovative ways of working. We have been working on redesigning public policymaking through a National Development Strategy, as well as through the City Experiment Fund, and we address local challenges, in particular by developing circularity around bio-waste, promoting a local ecosystem, boosting human capital and by positively impacting the environment while increasing livelihood.

The core learning questions for us as a team are: 

  • Can we redesign the way we develop, implement and monitor national and local strategic planning documents? 
  • Can we incorporate and promote new models of development in our public discourse?

We are using the following tools for our work: co-design, foresight, portfolio of options, design thinking, horizon scanning and visual thinking and mapping.

Our team


Lazar Pop Ivanov
Head of Experimentation


Igor Izotov
Head of Exploration


Ardita Zekiri
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners







"UNDP has been instrumental in the Fund’s mission to promote and support innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in North Macedonia." 
- Kosta Petrov, Managing Director, Fund for Innovations and Technology Development

"CHÔRA Foundation is committed to helping people and organizations navigate a world of rapidly increasing complexity through strategic and transformative innovation. Together with the Accelerator Lab in North Macedonia, we aim to promote environmental protection and the well-being of humankind by achieving socio-economic impact in the field of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals."

"We are very delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with UNDP in implementing the biggest global program Accelerate2030 for the first time in North Macedonia. Together we are strengthening the capacity of impact-driven entrepreneurs to scale their business and impact globally."
- Angela Mitrinovska, Seavus Accelerator

Visit the UNDP North Macedonia website for more information.