UNDP Mexico Accelerator Lab

We work on improving public consultations, accelerating crisis recovery through social capital, stopping gender violence and identifying insights from public programs' implementations.



UNDP Mexico’s Accelerator Lab started in 2019, and our initiatives are grouped by four main challenges:

  1. Public consultations are key for a community to participate in the future of their resources, land, needs and desires, and the Lab is working to identify opportunities for stakeholders to collaborate and advance best scenarios for all.
  2. Through local pilots, social capital indicators and the experience of citizen initiatives, we aim to strengthen communities’ capacity to recover from crisis through social capital.
  3. Our contributions to stopping gender violence through new approaches include assisting the transformation of mechanisms to help victims of gender violence and identifying positive deviance in the safety of public spaces through multiple sources of data.
  4. Behavioral insights and text mining are examples of how the results-based budgeting system in Mexico can spotlight learnings of people implementing public programs.

Social initiatives, collective intelligence, experiments, and unusual data enhance our learning cycles for greater impact.  As part of our work, we promote a culture of innovation within the Country Office, strengthening UNDP Mexico.

Our team


Luis Cervantes
Head of Experimentation


Gabriela Ríos
Head of Exploration


Jorge Munguía
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We thank all our partners for their trust and the opportunities to learn alongside them about the challenges we face and to test possible solutions to address them. We are always in search of more allies to advance learning on development challenges. If our work is related to your institutions or initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us at: acclabmx@undp.org

















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