UNDP Malawi Accelerator Lab

We are working ‘differently’ to identify and test potential solutions to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Malawi, including energy, waste management and youth.



We are working towards finding digital solutions to challenges in waste management as one of the key areas for achieving sustainable development in Malawi. We are using collective intelligence in engaging the public to understand waste management behaviours; digital online mapping to help identify community resources in generating and distributing waste; experimenting on mobile app technologies in the waste value chain; and linking city councils to academia to build a suite of mobile-based apps to improve waste collection services.

We are working in identifying, refining and upscaling local low-cost cooking and lighting technologies, including improvements of community mini-grids, solar cookers, self-powered water pumps and biogas digesters to provide opportunities for renewable energy sources and create opportunities for establishment of local businesses.

We are collaborating with the Government of Malawi and the youth to provide platforms for collective learning and understanding of youth challenges and the development of solutions that tailor existing youth programs to make them more impactful in addressing persistent challenges.

We continue to position the Lab as an innovative, new age, integrator platform for different partners and UNDP colleagues to collaborate on shared areas of interest, which has created strong positioning and trust of our Lab’s work.

Our team


Soyapi Mumba
Head of Experimentation


Hazel Namadingo Shaba
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

We would like to thank our partners for their collaborative work with the UNDP Accelerator Labs. Building and strengthening alliances is the core of UNDP and the Accelerator Labs’ model. Please reach out if you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to hear from you. 



















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