UNDP Kenya Accelerator Lab

We work to increase young people's access to jobs and business opportunities in Kenya.



The UNDP Kenya Accelerator Lab is focusing on four main approaches in tackling youth unemployment.  Firstly, we are seeking out and testing innovative solutions that will democratize access to information and information inclusion. Through innovation challenges, the Lab has been able to support inclusive access to information for persons with a disability and promote the engagement of the creative sector in awareness raising.

Secondly, we are increasing young people's capacities and skills to meet present day workplace and business challenges. Working with academia, civil society and government, the Lab is testing approaches such as gamification for soft/life skills and engaging in creative content and curriculum creation.

Thirdly, we are linking youth to opportunities in emerging sectors such as the creative, circular and digital economies. The Lab has recently deployed an experiment to establish the factors that would contribute to increased value creation in the circular economy.

Lastly, the Lab is keen to support the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems to promote the growth of businesses. Working with government partners, the Lab is providing technical and financial support for platforms and initiatives that build on the capacities of youth-operated businesses.

Our team


Lillian Njoro
Head of Experimentation


Caroline Kiarie
Head of Exploration


Victor Awuor
Head of Solutions Mapping

Our partners

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