Data Visualizations

Explore our insights

Explore our insights

Over the course of 4 months, our network of solutions mappers has discovered 359 grassroots energy solutions from across different regions, demographics and energy sources. 

To help us visualize the data we've gathered, UNDP Accelerator Labs partnered with Viz For Social Good  crowdsourcing volunteers to create informative and impactful #peoplepowered data visualizations. 

Out of 51 data visualization entries, we've sharing below some of the most compelling visualizations we've seen so far. 
Note: these data visualizations are best experienced via your desktop browser

  • Search our grassroots energy solutions by SDG, energy sources, open source or IP, product status and many more
    By: Paul Shapin
  • Discover our grassroots energy solutions mapped across regions, demographics, and energy sources
    By: Satoshi Ganeko | @ritz_Tableau
  • Our grassroots energy solutions visualized using the Sustainability, Accessibility, and Scalability (SAS) score
    By: Sam Wu

  • An analysis specifically on our open source grassroots energy solutions
    By Ellen O'Neill | @Ellensoneill

  • Showcasing our grassroots energy solutions by country, region, SDGs, energy source and their interconnectedness
    By Sarah Moore