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Seoul Policy Centre

Development Cooperation

Development Cooperation


The development cooperation area of UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) for Knowledge Exchange through SDG Partnerships builds on the ongoing policy work in this area with a focus on two objectives: building the capacity for addressing challenging issues of development cooperation, and engaging non-state development actors such as the private sector and civil society.


Capacity for Addressing the Challenges of Development Cooperation

On this SDG Partnership, while maintaining its traditional role as a convener of policy dialogue, USPC further focuses on research on the specific challenges of development cooperation policy and practice. For example, it examines approaches to measuring the quantity and quality of development cooperation (including South-South and Triangular Cooperation) in specific partner countries. It supports partner countries in making best use of various modalities of development cooperation, inter alia, through better use of Aid Management Tools.

In addition, USPC works with new and emerging providers of development cooperation, supporting independent policy dialogue on the issues of measurement and fostering exchange between countries. The new partners will, inter alia, exchange experience on how to best share knowledge and good practices from their experience with other countries.


Engagement of Non-state Development Actors

The SDG Partnership on engagement of non-state development actors (including the private sector, civil society and academia) uses sharing of knowledge as a means of facilitating innovative country-level SDG implementation. The objective of this SDG Partnership is to build the capacity of Korean private sector, civil society and academia, and systematically deploy their core competencies to address development challenges across the globe in ways that are sustainable from economic, social and environmental standpoints.


Major Achievements

In 2021, USPC implemented the following for the thematic area of development cooperation through SDG Partnerships.

  • Rwanda: Developed the national South-South Cooperation Strategy and digital knowledge goods through USPC’s support benchmarking the expertise of Korean actors.
  • India: Established its own virtual platform for SDG localization based on inputs and experience shared by Korean civil society, i.e. the Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea.