The Republic of Korea increases its core contributions to UNDP, a critical investment for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

March 3, 2023

Core support from the Republic of Korea and other partners bolsters institutional effectiveness and strengthens transparency and efficiency across the organization.

UNDP Costa Rica

New York - The Republic of Korea today contributed US$10.7 million in core support to UNDP, an increase of 26% from the previous year. This important and flexible support comes at a time when development progress is threatened by major crises across the globe and will be critical for UNDP’s ability to respond with speed and agility to countries’ needs before, during and after a crisis hits. In addition, it will enable UNDP to address pressing global development challenges such as strengthening gender equality, the rule of law, climate action and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals.  

"In the tough era of working in a poly-crisis world with limited funding, the Republic of Korea is stepping up with the understanding that the flexible funding they provide to UNDP helps us respond to crisis flexibly and quickly, and we are thankful for that," said UNDP Assistant Secretary General Ulrika Modeer.

"Our long-standing partnership with UNDP has always been important for Korea, and significantly increasing the 2023 contributions to UNDP demonstrates our commitment to multilateralism and the strategic alignment between humanitarian and development efforts,” said Mr. Doyeon Won, Director-General, Development Cooperation Bureau in the Republic of Korea's Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Yesterday, the two counterparts held a high-level strategic dialogue in New York to discuss the overall partnership and joint strategic priorities in areas such as climate action, crisis response and gender equality.

Core support from the Republic of Korea and other partners bolsters institutional effectiveness and strengthens transparency and efficiency across the organization. UNDP is consistently rated among the most transparent international organizations. For more information: