Relief and Support Measures

April 22, 2020


A leaflet giving overall information about the online religious activity call center


Relief measure on waste disposal fee payment (MOE)

The waste disposal fee is a cost charged for handling wastes on manufacturers and importers of goods that are difficult to recycle and susceptible to harmful substances. SMEs were originally exempted from the payment of these disposal fees. In addition to extending this exemption for waste disposal for the year 2020, the ministry is also implementing several relief measures for businesses disadvantaged by the COVID-19 shutdown and those located in special emergency areas (e.g. Daegu / Gyeongbuk area). For such businesses, the ministry delayed the collection of disposal fees for as long as six months, allowed payment in installments, and postponed deadlines for form submissions. This measure is expected to alleviate financial burden on businesses already negatively affected by the outbreak.

Support for online religious activities (Ministry of Science and ICT & Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism)

Support for online religious activities (Ministry of Science and ICT & Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism)

In accordance with the social-distancing policy implemented by the Korean government, the Ministry of Science and ICT & Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism provided support for online religious activities to small and medium-sized religious communities. For example, they developed and distributed a guidance document on how to use online live streaming platforms, such as ‘Kakao TV’ or ‘Naver Band Live’ and set up a call center for technical assistance. Furthermore, through a partnership with cellular companies - KT, LG U+, and SK Telecom -, unlimited LTE(4G) and Wi-Fi data are provided to each religious group for up to one device for two months to facilitate online video streaming. Additionally, each religious group has been provided with an individual line dedicated to video streaming and transmission including enough data to transmit videos. Along with support for communication network services, a so-called ‘Parking Lot Religious Activity’ has been in operation. By using a small-powered radio station, members of a religious community can listen to sermons within a limited space like a parking lot. Support for these religious activities fulfils the religious needs of the public while minimizing infection risks as much as possible.

Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases that can be tracked back to religious activities, the government has decided to ban all religious gatherings and activities led by churches. On August 21, 2020 the Ministries stated that they will re-promote and strengthen the support for online religious activities as explained above.