Lessons learned from mapping information pollution

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Lessons learned from mapping information pollution

April 21, 2022

In 2020, UNDP's Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) launched an internal call for proposals to study information pollution trends and patterns in diverse country contexts. Eight UNDP country offices were selected through a competitive process, namely Cambodia, Chile, Lebanon, Panama, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, and Venezuela. The information pollution mapping programme provided grants of up to 40,000 USD, as well as technical support and joint learning opportunities.

OGC collected data throughout the process to monitor learning, challenges, and best practice. This was done through online questionnaires, regular joint reflection meetings, and one-on-one interviews with country focal points. The objective of this report is to collate the information gathered by this monitoring and offer guidance for those who want to conduct similar mapping exercises to monitor information pollution. This report provides recommendations on logistical issues, as well as methodology and research approaches. It is intended to be used by programme managers, communication specialists and other practitioners who wish to plan or support similar exercises.