Horizon Scanning: The Future of 21st Century Governance

Horizon Scanning

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Horizon Scanning: The Future of 21st Century Governance

May 18, 2021

This study was commissioned by UNDP's Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) and undertaken by an independent expert to provide a synthesized and structured review of current and emerging issues as they relate to governance, and as they are perceived by non-UN institutions at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021. It forms part of OGC’s mandate as a leading policy centre on governance to keep abreast of global developments, track governance trends and foster adequate responses in support of UNDP’s governance work globally, while also deepening dialogue amongst partners in the international community on collective responses to common challenges. Rather than a ‘one-off’ exercise, OGC envisions keeping this process ‘alive’ through more regular horizon scanning that also provides an opportunity to convene, assess and re-calibrate governance efforts in light of changing contextual dynamics and trends. For any questions / comments related to this study please write to: oslo.governance.centre@undp.org