UNDP reaffirms partnership with Malawi in energy sector

December 6, 2022
UNDP Malawi

The need for energy in Malawi cannot be overemphasized, as a vehicle that drives sustainable economic growth and cuts across the different sectors of development. However, there are significant challenges within the energy sector of Malawi that prevents the country from relishing the transformative benefits of a sustainable and efficient energy sector.

To help tackle the energy crisis currently affecting the nation, UNDP Malawi joined other key players in the energy sector at the first national energy Conference themed “Energy: Catalyst for Sustainable Development” that took place on 29 and 30 of November 2022.

The 2022 National Energy Conference was organized by the Renewable Energy Industries Association of Malawi (REIAMA) in partnership with UNDP, Ministry of Energy, and other stakeholders, to deliberate, strategize and set dates for implementation of key anticipated deliverables that could see Malawi move out up on its energy commitments.