Electronic Health Information Network transforming Malawi’s Health Supply Chain

December 8, 2022
UNDP Malawi

Globally, public health systems face challenges in the management of medicines and medical supplies. Increased levels of transparency and accountability in medicine transactions is therefore critical in helping prevent corruption while ensuring needed medicines are available at service delivery points to be accessed by patients.

Digital health is progressively becoming a key foundation to attaining universal access to health services and transforming health service delivery in Malawi.

To showcase its full commitment to the digital transformation agenda in the health sector and beyond, UNDP Malawi is supporting the Ministry of Health in deploying innovative technologies to digitally track and trace the movement and use of medicines and medical supplies at health facilities in the country.

The Electronic Health Information Network (eHIN) initiative is leveraging on technology to help increase access and quality of health service delivery by providing a transparent platform where medicines and medical supplies can be stored, moved, and consumed with full accountability.

Initiated in 2020, ‘eHIN’ is an easy-to-use mobile application and web-based platform that has the capabilities of tracking medicines and vaccines by batch and expiry, bringing real-time visibility of medicines and medical supplies at all levels.