Women’s Situation Room (WSR) National Women’s Policial dialogue

Remarks by the UNDP Resident Representative a.i Louis Kuukpen at the women’s political, mediation and peace dialogues.

April 18, 2024

UNDP Resident Representative a.i - Louis Kuukpen

Dr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh, Coordinator of the Angie Brooks International, the Eminent Women and staff of ABIC

Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Ministers and Senior Government Officials present.

Honorable Chair Lady of the National Elections Commission 

Excellencies Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Corps 

Heads of UN agencies and my cherished UN Colleagues 

Civil Society Organizations, youth and women groups present,

The Press, 

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, 

All here present. 

It is a pleasure to join you today to share few remarks on behalf of the UN family, marking this three-day women’s political, mediation and peace Dialogues. I'm delighted to extend warm greeting to each of you and to congratulate the Angie Brooks International for its contribution to sustain peace and strengthen Liberia's democracy. I would also like to commend the Eminent Women Mediators of the WSR for hosting this program, which is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with funding from the European Union, the Governments of Sweden and Ireland as well as the Peacebuilding Fund.

Ladies and gentlemen, 

The WSR National Women's Political, Mediation and Peace Dialogue aligns perfectly with the UN’s commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment. Against this backdrop, I would like to celebrate the pivotal role, achievements, and contributions of Liberia women in politics but more importantly in ending the civil conflict through their direct participation in the peace process. 

As we engage in this dialogue, let's honor the trailblazing women who fought tirelessly for our rights and freedoms here in Liberia. Their courage and determination inspire us to continue the fight for gender equality.

I am excited to note that, these dialogues focusing on security, media, youth, and women's political participation builds on the progress made during the just ended general and presidential elections. I would like to commend ABIC's collaboration with the Eminent Women Mediators an initiative that allowed individuals from diverse background to contribute to Liberia’s democracy. This collective effort demonstrates a strong commitment to Liberia's stability and progress.

Today, we gather not just as individuals, but as a movement. A movement dedicated to consolidating the peace and Liberia democratic aspirations, amplifying women's voices in the political arena, fostering gender equality, youth participation and empowering women in decision-making.

Therefore, the significance of this gathering cannot be overstated, especially, in a world where women continue to face challenges in accessing their rights, events like this serve as beacons of hope, platforms for change, and catalysts for progress. We come together to engage in meaningful dialogue, share experiences, and chart a course towards a future where gender equality is a lived reality. I would therefore like to acknowledge all the resource persons that have agreed generously to share your expertise and experiences to enrich this dialogue.

I am confident that these dialogues will not only spark important conversations but also inspire concrete actions and initiatives that will propel us closer to our shared vision. A vision of a world where women are not just seen, but heard; not just included, but valued; not just present, but leading the way. Let us seize this moment, embrace this opportunity, and work together to build a future where every woman and girl can thrive, free from discrimination, oppression, and fear.

As I conclude, I would like to Commend ABIC for rallying such a diverse array of participants, including women from political parties, civil society, independent candidates, media, traditional and religious leadership, security forces, community leaders, observers, persons with disabilities (PWDs), and youth from various backgrounds, for this inclusive and participatory dialogue.

I look forward to bold, honest, inclusive, participatory, and forward-looking engagements and concrete implementable recommendations. 

Finally, I would like to assure you of the commitment of the UN to continue to foster peace and sustainable development in Liberia. 

I thank you for your attention.