UNDP Liberia Brochure


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UNDP Liberia Brochure

September 3, 2018

This document provides an overview of programmes and projects implemented by UNDP Liberia. Over the last 40 years, UNDP has worked alongside Liberia to address development needs in sometimes very difficult and challenging times.


  • UNDP is a long-term trusted and neutral partner particularly in electoral support, local governance, rule of law and security, and public institutions.
  • UNDP has a team of invaluable economic experts who guide our programming, advise our government partners, and stay on top of trends and patterns to better position UNDP to assist in Liberia’s economic prosperity.
  • As the climate changes, countries like Liberia face tremendous challenges in building resilience against shocks. Rising sea level, soaring temperatures and increased rainfall hit the most vulnerable, particularly rural women, the hardest.