UNDP Boosts Revenue Collection Capacity of the Liberia Revenue Authority

April 27, 2023

UNDP liberia Program Analyst on Inclusive Governance robert Dorlaie (Right) turns over equipment to LRA’s Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Darlington Y. Tarlery (Middle).

UNDP Liberia

UNDP Liberia has handed over office equipment and electronic gadgets. including computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and associated equipment to the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) to facilitate the collection of real estate #tax.

The donation, which includes 81 pieces of computer tablets, 81 backup power banks, laptops, photocopiers, and desktop computers, is intended to enhance the LRA Real Estate Projects in Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties. 

Speaking on behalf of the Resident Representative, UNDP Program Analyst on the Inclusive Governance Pillar, Robert Dorliae described the donation as the beginning of a long journey in operationalizing property tax in Liberia. 

The country is currently piloting the collection of property tax in Margibi and Grand Bassa as the country seeks to diversify and increase domestic revenue collection.

“These pieces of equipment are to be used to enhance the Real Estate expansion pilot project in the two counties,” Dorlaie noted.

Receiving the equipment, LRA’s Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Darlington Tarlery said the support will help decentralize its operation electronically, adding that the LRA had cataloged 12,000 properties eligible for taxation in Margibi County.

“We are very excited about this equipment because it is part of the operationalization of the LRA Strategic Plan for revenue mobilization as well as the implementation of the Revenue Sharing Act, which mandates that revenues generated locally must be shared with the counties,” Talery stressed.

He said the equipment will also provide support to the country’s decentralization agenda, specifically the decentralization of LRA services to the counties.

The LRA Commissioner for Domestic Tax, Darlington Talery, lauded the UNDP for its invaluable support, which he termed a “big boost” to revenue generation.

"We are indeed very grateful to UNDP for its continued support to Liberia’s governance and development agenda,” said Mr. Tarlery.

The real property expansion pilot project seeks to identify and register all real properties within the borders of Margibi and Grand Bassa Counties with the aim to enhance compliance, raise revenue, and expand the tax net. 

The LRA Real Property Tax project is a revenue-sharing scheme under which 50 percent of all revenues collected from real property in each county will be disbursed to the respective county for development in line with the Local Government Act of 2018.

The Local Government Act of 2018, among other things, calls for the establishment of adequate, identifiable, and reliable sources of revenue by local authorities to ensure a sustainable and recurring program of direct revenue sharing.