“Kuwait Digital Accessibility Framework” workshop

June 21, 2018

Kuwait: United Nations House, 7 June 2018

Within the framework of "Achieving Kuwait Vision 2035 for Persons with Disabilities" project in collaboration among UNDP, GSSCPD & PADA, a workshop was held to launch and discuss the  “Kuwait Digital Accessibility Framework” under the patronage of the Minister of Social Affairs And the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mrs. Hind Al-Sabeih. The project promotes the removal of barriers to social, economic and educational inclusion of persons with disability through increasing technical expertise and organizational capacities for implementation of Universal Design and countrywide use of technology enablers.

Kuwait work actively to ensure that no one is left behind in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the framework of the Kuwait 2035 Vision by adopting national accessibility and Universal Design policies and standards as prerequisites to achieve nearly all the 17 SDGs and specifically in education (goal 4), growth and employment (goal 8), inequality (goal 10) and accessibility of human settlements (goal 11).

Recently, the final issuance of the Kuwait National Framework for Digital Accessibility has been completed in accordance with the codes of the State of Kuwait, and in consultation with various stakeholders. The Kuwait National Framework for Digital Accessibility adopts current international requirements to transform the Kuwait digital environment into a qualified and supportive environment for persons with disabilities and enhance opportunities for universal and equitable access to digital information.

The Kuwait National Framework for Digital Accessibility provides standards, procedures, and guideline that covers all content that requires an internet connection to operate including (websites, applications, mobile content, Intranet and Extranet services)

Moreover, The workshop was attended by a number of stakeholders and activists in the field of disability and the digital environment such as the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, The Public Authority for Disabled ,Central Agency for Information Technology ,The Communication & Information Technology Regulatory Authority ,Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, CSOs working in the field of disability & human right, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research , In addition to UN agencies.