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Women Creative Lab

Creating a safe co-working space with the supportive network, where women and girls are provided with all necessary resources to learn and to work.

The campaign aimed to support the Women Creative Lab (WCL). In 2022, UNDP launched the first women oriented coworking space with extremely enabling and nurturing peer environment in Kyrgyzstan. The Lab residents have access to unique training and mentoring support programs as well as to the seed funding sources to test or accelerate their business ideas in creative industries.  
WCL is more than physical space. It is an environment in where women and girls feel comfortable, become more self-confident, develop new skills, discover opportunities, and improve the quality of their lives. By empowering themselves economically, girls gain greater social and political rights within their communities and beyond. 
The crowdfunding campaign targeted to support more than 25 thematic events, help to ensure a safe co-working space with a supportive network and necessary resources to learn and work, and provide grants to woman entrepreneurs to start their own creative practices. The launch of the crowdfunding campaign in support of the Women Creative Lab was initiated by the UNDP’s Acceleration initiative with the expert support of the leading business acceleration in the Kyrgyz Republic “Welcome KG”. 
"We are pleased that we could bring together almost 100 women and girls from Osh who shared their aspirations, dreams and plans they have been thinking for years. Entrepreneurs, students, housewives and government employees explored opportunities, exchanged ideas and dreams, uniting and supporting each other. We are happy to acknowledge that throughout the 2022 more than 500 women joined the WCL network through the open events and become ambassadors of the Lab,"- said Gulnur Abylkasymova, WCL Coordinator in Osh.  
Due to the successful experiment with WCL in Osh, in 2023 UNDP in collaboration with the grassroot organizations is scaling up the WCL network to Batken and Jalal-Abad regions planning to cover 200 rural women to discover their talents, support in finding jobs and create opportunities to generate sustainable income using creative skills.  

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