Impact giving


UNDP has adopted crowdfunding as an alternative funding solution to support projects that are designed for and by the communities they serve.

Idigenous people in front of SDG circle

Localize your impact

At UNDP, every donation makes an impact.

Our approach to individual giving is unique in that driving innovation through economic empowerment is our top priority. Impact giving provides individuals with a direct method to take action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UNDP strives to ensure that every country's response is equitable and inclusive — prioritizing gender equality, poverty eradication, green recovery, digital access, resilience in the face of crisis, and inclusive economic growth — so that no one is left behind as developing countries make progress in achieving the SDGs. Our methods prioritize transparency and collaboration to deliver tangible, transformative results for our in-country partners. These principles carry forth into all of the impact giving campaigns featured here.

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the creation of UNDP's impact giving program to support Country Offices (COs), amplifying UNDP's response to an unprecedented health and economic crisis. When UNDP took the lead role as the UN's socio-economic impact and recovery agency, UNDP identified alternative finance solutions to support and grow our global response. We empowered regional crowdfunding experts, who had been working for a decade to build capacity throughout our network and beyond, to quickly deliver the tools, training, and marketing outreach necessary for local teams to launch their own campaigns. As lockdowns rippled through the global economy, and demand for international development agencies increased from countries all over the world, so did the need and effectiveness of these new channels of funding.  

In working with local teams in consultation with the people and culture, impact giving assures that the community's needs are taken into account. Our COs lead our crowdfunding campaigns in the 170 countries and regions we serve.

Our expertise goes from the Galapagos Islands and Thailand to North Macedonia and Comoros. We believe that people anywhere in the world can work together with us to deliver a response to local communities that need it the most.  

By making a donation through one or more impact giving campaigns, you can be assured that you are helping UNDP carry out its mandate to achieve the 2030 Agenda and that funds are put to use in the service of beneficiaries and affected communities without unnecessary overhead.

Your support is essential to us. Being the third most transparent development organization in the world, and the most within the UN, UNDP ensures that all our crowdfunding campaigns are clear from launch to closing.

The crowdfunding projects featured here are as vast and varied as the communities we support. Choose the cause that appeals to you the most, and we will make sure your donations reach the community leading the initiative.