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Women Creative Lab


Creation of a leisure park around a natural mangrove ecosystem, creating a tourist area to showcase biodiversity

he main objective of this project was the creation of a leisure park around a natural mangrove ecosystem, thus offering the opportunity to have in the capital a tourist area which represents a natural biological diversity in the heart of the city. After securing funds for the gradual clean-up of the site, the team planned to use the funding obtained to gradually build a space for conservation and promotion of sustainability.


In order to carry out this project, several steps were taken to provide a space for leisure and environmental education for children and young people, the population as well as tourists. This playground, in addition to being a place of environmental education (through the introduction of different forest, fruit and agricultural plants) aimed to host a platform bringing together sport and the environment for the surrounding schools and the city. The campaign raised US$ 50,321 and ended in October 2022.