Ghana Shea Landscape Emission Reductions Project

Project Overview 

This project is submitted to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for funding. It will be implemented by the Ghana Forestry Commission (FC), with the technical support of the Global Shea Alliance and the UN Development Programme (UNDP), and alongside multiple national and local governing institutions, civil society representatives and private sector actors who will meaningfully and effectively participate in its further design, implementation and benefits.

The project will directly strengthen the livelihoods and climate resilience of 100,200 people (78,850 women and 21,350 men). Restoration of trees, decreased deforestation and fire management covering almost 500,000 hectares will indirectly contribute to the retention of soil moisture, the reduction of evapotranspiration and maintenance of soil fertility. These interrelated social and environmental interventions are key. The National Adaptation Strategy for Climate Change notes the need to enhance the adaptability of vulnerable ecological and social systems by enhancing the capacity of susceptible groups to sustainably utilize land resources, enable value addition in the utilisation of forest resources and contribute to building an economy that is capable of withstanding shocks without putting Ghana’s development agenda in jeopardy.

The proposal catalyses transformative change across this landscape, attracting significant private sector investment, through the focus of the shea value chain and shea restoration.

GCF funds and co-finance will support women collectors to re-stock 1.75 million trees in the parklands with higher and quicker yielding varieties of shea ensuring future supply, aggregation and direct marketing through performance-based contracts between NGOs who are members of the Global Shea Alliance and women’s groups.

Environmental and Social Framework (ESMF) 

The Environmental and Social Framework (ESMF) for the Ghana Shea Landscape Emission Reductions Project (GSLERP) proposed by Ghana to the Green Climate Fund for the assessment of the potential environmental and social impacts of the proposal is available here.

Environmental and Social Screening Report 

The Environmental and Social Screening Report is also available here