A Mother's love birthed a thriving business

A young woman’s desire to see her daughter healthy led to the birth of a company that produces yogurts and cashew snacks in Ghana.

July 13, 2023

Priscilla Asante, Founder and CEO of Rosswood Company Limited displaying her products.

Photo @Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana


"My daughter's illness became the spark for a transformative journey that led me to uncover the healing power of nature. Witnessing her struggle with intestinal infection, I delved into extensive research and discovered a remarkable solution within reach, and then started my own business", Priscilla Asante, Founder and CEO of Rosswood Company Limited narrated.

Priscilla Asante's world turned upside down when her beloved daughter fell seriously ill. Due to the illness, her dietary requirements changed, leaving Priscilla desperate and determined to find a solution. Fueled by her unwavering love, she embarked on a relentless search for alternative remedies.

Through tireless research, Priscilla discovered the healing potential of probiotics yogurt made with natural ingredients. This homemade mixture soon became a beacon of hope for her ailing daughter.

"Witnessing my daughter's recovery when she started taking my home-made yogurt was a miracle. I was not working then and knew if I produce for others with similar conditions, this can become a source of income,” she added.

Overcoming the doubts and taking a bold entrepreneurial step

With a renewed sense of purpose and trust in her instincts, Priscilla Asante embarked on a remarkable journey that turned her personal experience into a business venture. She then founded Rosswood Company Limited in 2015. 

Starting small from her kitchen, Priscilla meticulously perfected her recipe, creating a unique yogurt that quickly gained popularity among friends and families. Encouraged by the sales, she knew it was time to take her business to the next level.

Priscilla packaging cashew nuts with some of her workers.

Photo @Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana

Expanding with additional product-line 

Five years down the business lane, Priscilla decided to expand, and ventured into the world of cashew processing.  She gradually invested in equipment and developed a range of innovative cashew products as snacks. These include cashew nuts coated with refined chocolate paste, spices, and salt. 

“I grew up in a cashew growing community and realized I could support the women cashew producers in my area by adding value to the cashew. So, I decided to produce the cashew nut snack. Currently, I work with 60 women farmers and the good thing is that nothing is waste as I also buy the broken cashew nuts and use these for granola paste and cashew spread”, said Priscilla.

Every step of this remarkable journey has reinforced the unwavering strength of determination and the extraordinary ability to transform dreams into tangible achievements. After seven years of dedication to nurturing a business, and empowering local communities, Priscilla started attracting opportunities like funding and business development support from various institutions including the Ghana Enterprise Agency to scale up.

Worker carefully sorting out cashew nuts.

Photo @Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana

Supporting MSMEs to trade across borders

Priscilla Asante was selected as one of the 60 MSMEs to participate in the first Ghana- Kenya Expo. The Expo was organized by the National AfCFTA Coordination Office in Ghana, in collaboration with various partners including the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and GIZ. The aim of the exhibition was to facilitate intra-African trade under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement. 

UNDP in Ghana’s support for the expo builds on its integrated MSMEs support programme rolled out in six targeted districts, to support youth and women led MSMEs to flourish in a green, inclusive, peaceful, and equitable manner. So far, over 600 MSMEs in total have benefited and the support included good corporate governance and energy and resource efficiency capacity strengthening. They have also been sensitized to prevent radicalization and selected ones will receive business development support services including access to funding. The interventions are seeking to contribute to the government’s recovery efforts to improve the sustainability of MSMEs.

Reflecting on the invaluable opportunity presented by the Expo, Priscilla expressed profound gratitude stating, "I am immensely grateful for the chance to participate in the Ghana- Kenya Expo. It has been a transformative experience that has opened doors to new opportunities as we have forged partnerships. We are now preparing to export our products to the East African market."

Gifty Ahiadzo, Marketing Manager at Rosswood Co. Ltd. interacting with a client at the Ghana-Kenya Expo.

Photo @UNDP

For Priscilla, her major current challenges have to do with easy access to raw materials like the cashew nuts and funds to invest in additional machinery to expand her business. However, she believes that through strategic partnerships, Rosswood can expand and employ more people. Currently, the company employs 30 staff, mostly women. 

The journey of Priscilla is an inspiring one - showing how life’s events can power transformative initiatives if the opportunity is seized with bravery. Through Rosswood Company Limited, she has not only built a successful business but also uplifted communities, empowered women, and youth, and inspired countless of individuals to pursue their dreams. This is where partnerships become critical to support many more MSMEs in Ghana like Priscilla to contribute to sustainable development. 


Priscilla's story is a beacon of hope, reminding us of the extraordinary impact that can arise from a single act of love.

Priscilla with some of her workers at Rosswood Co. Ltd

Photo @Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana