Signals spotlight 2023

Insights from UNDP's Future Network

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Navigating the Future of Development

The UNDP Signals Spotlight 2023 – a first for UNDP - highlights some of the signals and trends we see emerging that we consider will be significant for development. Inspired by some 500 signals of change observed by UNDP colleagues around the world, the Spotlight highlights some of the most interesting and traces the patterns and trends they reveal.

The Spotlight aims to spark conversations. To get us thinking about changes on the horizon we might not have noticed, or only seen from certain angles. To help us become more anticipatory and effective in the face of uncertainty. Social fractures, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence … the Spotlight asks: what’s happening here and why does it matter for development?

Useful Tensions

Amidst growing polarization of people and values, and challenges to democracy, can we still derive value from the tensions and conflicts we encounter?

Novel Collaboration

As multilateral structures and ways of collaborating change and proliferate, how can we shape them in the public interest?

Value Investing

Where are the biggest openings for SDG-aligned investment – in the environment, climate, nature, human capital and resilience – and can changing values be harnessed to help?