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Working at UNDP

Our work

UNDP focuses on helping countries build and share solutions in three main areas:

To learn more about UNDP, read about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our culture

We are individually and collectively responsible for nurturing and promoting an organizational culture of ethics and integrity where we respect and uphold the organization’s values, and where staff are empowered and motivated to deliver sustainable development results. We seek people who are fair, impartial and honest. We value dynamic and adaptable persons who are not afraid to think creatively and are proactive, flexible and responsive.

Our values

Our core competencies

We place high importance on the following 5 core competencies.  Download the full document here.

  • Leadership: ability to persuade others to follow
  • Innovation: ability to make new and useful ideas work
  • People Management: ability to improve performance and satisfaction
  • Communication: ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform
  • Delivery: ability to get things done