Support to the fulfillment of human rights, access to justice and empowerment of youth and women

The objective of the Project is to provide advisory and technical support to the Government to strengthen and enhance its capacity to respect, protect and fulfil human rights, enhance the accessibility of the justice system and empower youth and women.

The expected outcome of the Project is more effective human rights mechanisms and domestication of human rights and a justice system that fosters inclusive growth and development and provides opportunities for youth and women to participate in this inclusive growth.

To achieve this outcome the Project is guided by the Government development priorities and goals as articulated in Vision 2036, the National Development Plan 11 (NDP 11) and the Global Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’); United Nations Sustainable Development Framework (UNSDF) and the Country Programme Document (CPD) (2017-2022).

Gender equality and human rights will be integrated into the Project through a human rights based approach from the project inception phase through to implementation. A series of baseline assessments will provide benchmarks against which to measure progress.