UNDP Supports the establishment of one-stop-shop for public services in Botswana

Posted February 16, 2021

Visitors at the service centre

 UNDP is supporting MLGRD to  expand the operationalizing the Molepolole Service Hall (MSH). MSH is a one stop shop for the public where multiple services will be offered from across government, local authorities, parastatals and some private sector.  The Hall currently offers revenue (treasury), social welfare, enquiries and tax services.  UNDP  is providing technical support  to enable  the following services to go on line  in the coming   months.

·         Construction or Building Control Services

·         Waste Management Processes

·         Public Health Inspection

·         Commercial i.e. Trade Licensing

·         Hoarding Applications e.g.  Advertising Billboards

·         Selected Social Welfare Services e.g. payment of beneficiaries and applications for assessment and enrolments thereof.

·         Physical Planning Services e.g. Change of land Use, Planning applications

·         Payments to Councils e.g. Rates, Levies

UNDP support will involve working with the relevant ministries and institutions  to translate  the  current manual services  to be offered on line.  All of these will enable services to be accessed on a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device from any location in the country and eliminate the need for human interaction with service providers by offering 24/7 accessibility to services.  UNDP will assist with  procuring the software  configuring   the systems software to connect with   to relevant line ministries who will be processing  the services for the public.

UNDP will provide  technical support to MSH with a Project Management Advisor (PMA). The PMA will provide the required technical and managerial guidance to coordinate and implement the MSH services and ensure that the  above services go online in 2021. This support will be implemented in consultation with  the SmartBots team to ensure  the services put on line are in keeping with other services that will be put on line at national level.